The 25 Best Slouchy Jeans for Women in 2021

There are a few denim cuts that would be considered classic silhouettes at this point. Yes, straight-leg jeans and even skinny jeans could fall into this category. And when it comes to slightly trendier styles, there’s one key look that’s a front-runner right now. We’re talking about slouchy jeans. This relaxed denim trend is honestly a favorite of every single one of our editors from NYC to L.A.

These jeans are a go-to for our crew because they’re a more comfortable option with the looser fit, and the style also inherently brings a forward twist to any look. That ideal pair can also easily be dressed up with a blouse, blazer, and heels or down with a T-shirt and flat sandals. On that note, we rounded up a few outfit ideas below and also shopped out the best slouchy jeans. And yes, some of the silhouettes featured are actually staples in our editors’ wardrobes. 


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