How to Spot TikTok Nutrition Misinformation: A Checklist

Riding on the findings from our recent study with Dublin City University, we’ve realized the massive influence that social media has on health and nutrition trends.

Our checklist below stems from these findings and aims to serve as a guide for our community to steer clear of nutrition inaccuracies online. It’s our goal to boost digital health literacy, helping individuals make informed, science-backed decisions for their health.

Curious if recent viral trends are fact or fiction? Check out a few below:

TikTok Nutrition Misinformation Infographic | MyFitnessPal

More on the TikTok study:

MyFitnessPal’s new study, in partnership with Dublin City University, reveals an alarming reliance of Millennials and Gen Z on TikTok for nutrition and health advice. The survey shows 87% use the platform for such advice, and 57% are influenced by or adopt trends they find there. The research also indicates potential health risks, with 31% reporting adverse effects from following such trends. Furthermore, a subsequent analysis of 67,000 TikTok videos showed that only 2.1% of nutrition content was scientifically accurate. Read more here.

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