40 Splurges to Buy During Sephora’s Spring Savings Event

So what’s the writing on the wall, you ask? Basically, these eleven special days are the best time to spring for anything and everything you’ve been wanting to purchase from Sephora’s mecca of beauty offerings. That super-expensive hair dryer you’ve had on your wish list? Now’s the time to splurge! The eye cream you’ve talked yourself out of buying too many times to count? Go for it!

We’re pretty sure you don’t need too much guidance here, but because Sephora carries hundreds of products (which can feel a titch daunting if you’re not sure where to start), we’ve combed through every single category (fragrance, skincare, makeup, tools, and more!) and hand-selected the splurge-worthy products we’d highly recommend adding to your cart. Of course, „splurge“ is defined differently by everyone, so we’ve included products at a variety of price points to strike all types of fancies. Keep scrolling! Our editor-approved Sephora beauty splurges are just ahead. Happy shopping!


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